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Kaş is a fishing village set in a beautiful bay on Turkey's southwest coast. It is a picturesque holiday resort with many restaurants, terraces and bars.

An ancient Lycian settlement situated between the foothills of the Ak-Dag mountains and the sea, Kaş still today has many monuments of its rich past. Wealthy Lycians liked to be buried in a grand manner, in tombs designed to stand the test of time. These magnificent sarcophagi and rock-carved tombs still grace the town today.

The well preserved theatre in Kaş dates from the Hellenistic period (3rdCBC).

There are a lot of scuba diving schools for those who want to start diving as well as for the more experienced divers. In summertime boats sail out to different locations on a daily basis. Also there is the possibility to visit Meis (a small Greek island).

In Kaş one can walk around through the small winding streets with its ancient houses and their wooden balconies. Those who love to walk can enjoy parts of the Lycian Way, full of ancient history and beautiful nature.

You can find our "Gallery Gökseki" in a small village, 5 km from Kaş(Local bus every hour).

Gallery Gökseki