Our Gallery in Gökseki is opened to visitors 14.00 - 17.00 every Sunday.

Gallery Gökseki

Throughout the year, ceramic workshops will be given every Thursday from 13.00 till 16.00 hours.
These classes are meant for adults and are given in a new studio in Gökseki No.78A.
Courses for children will be given on Saturday from 11.00 til 12.30

Privat workshops are possible on request. Please contact us. Tel. (0090) (0)242 8397078 Mobil:(0090)(0) 5364386726

Pottery courses for adults and children

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The exhibition 'Orient meets Occident' in Bendestorf took place 7.05 und 8.05.2011
Bendestorf is a small village south of Hamburg.

Galerie am Weg in Bendestorf - Plakat

The exhibition in the centrum for dutch culture in Istanbul took place 01 - 31 October 2010.

Wildenberg Hollanda Kültür Merkezi- flyer

The exhibition in the centrum for culture in Fethiye took place 16.10. - 22.10.20009.

Fethiye Kültür merkezi- flyer

This nice exhibition took place in Sultan Garden Restaurant (Kaş Harbour / 10.04.20009 - 14.04.2009).

Springs Awakening - flyer

The exhibition "endless art" on Yarım Ada, the Kaş peninsula, took place 16. - 19.May 2008.

Endless art - flyer

In Gökseki we have already had two art exhibitions, both of them a great success. The first one was in April 2007. The theme was "amore - colore - furore". The second exhibition "elements of art" was in September. The work of other artists was also shown; Karin Schmiedinger, Feiko Westra, Marlis Diemont und Ingrid Weidelt.

Elements of art - flyer